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Compliment Your Health Regime with Hemp-Derived 0% THC Cannabinoid Oil

At Youngevity, we’ve always believed that the closer it is to Earth, the better it is for our bodies. Our hemp-derived cannabinoid oil is phytocannabinoid-rich, full spectrum, and organically grown. We’ve included it in 3 proprietary formulas that will each naturally support you throughout the day.

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Nature Direct Cleaning Products By Youngevity

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Nature Direct Cleaning Products By Youngevity



Most people are familiar with the use of essential oils in massage therapy for relaxation, tension relief and skin care, but did you know that many essential oils have strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties?



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These properties make them an extremely effective alternative when it comes to helping to prevent the spread of germs that cause the flu, the common cold and other illnesses.

That’s why they’re ideal for use in home care products such as those in the Nature Direct range.

The efficiency of our formulas can be attributed to the complementary effects of the combination of essential oils used in each.

The essential lowdown on essential oils
Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the flowers, stems, seeds, roots and bark of plants.

They are not oily to touch, as their name suggests, but rather a pure liquid extracted from the plant. The oils are distilled by using either cold-pressing the raw plant material water or steam and are highly concentrated.

These concentrated liquids can do more than just make your home care products smell fabulous.

They have antibacterial properties and are an effective degreaser so you get all the germ killing, nasty smell destroying benefits without the toxic chemicals!

Learning from the past
Essential oils have been used since 3500 BC by the Egyptians as aromatic essences and resins in the embalming process.

At the same time the Chinese were also using herbs and aromatic plants for Indian Ayurvedic medicinal purposes.

By the middles ages, communities had come to value the medicinal properties of essential oils. They used essential oils for health and relaxation – in perfume and cosmetics – and in the prevention of diseases and illnesses.

Essential oils in the 21st century
Now days the use of essential oils varies from home use to medicinal and professional use; for therapy or prevention and more simply for comfort (insecticides, repellent), wellness, depending on the country and specialization of the user. While some countries tend to shy away from alternative medicine in general, there are others that routinely implement the scientific findings of essential oils.

But aren’t some essential oils poisonous and toxic?

In their pure form, they can be highly toxic but our products are not dangerous because:

we don’t ingest them, and
the concentrations of each essential oil is low.

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Coffee By Youngevity

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Youngevity Meal Replacement Shakes


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