Pookie Cancer Update

Hello! We have a Pookie update. Follow up visits for PET-SCAN & MRI were showing definite control of all lesions throughout the body.

The 18 day hospital stay shed some light on where treatment needs to focus on.

Malignant cells are still present in the pleural area around the lung. This would normally follow how the rest of the body responds to Tagrisso but leave it to Pookie to be unique. They must be controlled or the cells will take up residence in other parts of the body. We are inviting professional chemo bouncers to the party to oust these bastards! This will be starting shortly.

Normally, chemo and Tagrisso are not used together. Little exists to study this and there are risks BUT the biggest risk is the cells relocating so Pookie decided lets go for it! During the chemo the Tagrisso dose is being cut in half. Chemo infusion will be every 3 weeks for an unknown amount of time.

We share a lot publicly but not everything. Hopefully this real life personal information can help someone else or their loved one because we are all vulnerable. Her spirits are high and we are hopeful!

Keep watching my warrior!


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